Myles Jéh (born October 28, 1989) is an American choreographer, dancer, and creative director. He is mostly known for his work with Hip-Hop artist Taija New. He frequently features in live performances and music videos as a backup dancer.

Early Life

Jéh was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. His tall, athletic build would lead one to think he plays basketball, which he played during middle school, but dropped by freshman year. Teaching himself choreography from watching music videos, Jéh learned to quickly pick up dance moves and improvise during the gaps. After being introduced to an after-school program by his cousin, he became the choreographer for the program and developed a group from the consistent members. The group ended early 2010 and Jéh focused on college.

Dance Career

Jéh is self-taught in street and Hip-Hop dance. He joined En Motions Dance Theater in 2007 and stayed for a year. In 2008, he was presented the opportunity to choreograph for an after-school program at Northern Educational Services. A group emerged from the program, which made an appearance on the BET hit show 106 & Park performing for their Wild Out Wednesday competition. The group disbanded in 2010 and Jéh remained behind the scenes as a choreographer and director. By 2015, he returned to the public eye as a backup dancer for Hip-Hop artist Taija New. He has performed in New York, Atlanta, Orlando, among many other cities.

Creative Director

Jéh has acted as creative director since 2013 working behind the scenes for Taija New, as well as his own music career. Ranging from logos to live performances and music videos, Jéh has been the force behind the visual outcomes.

Public Image

Jéh is mostly recognized for his tall and slender build. Standing 6 foot, 4 inches, he tends to stand out naturally.


Jéh says his influence and one of the most desired artists to work with is Usher. He is working towards choreographing for artists such as Beyoncé, Ciara, Chris Brown, and more.